What flavor is your marketing?

Sometime we just have too many choices.

I once owned a coffeehouse (and I still pull a mean shot of espresso!). When people came in and wanted a regular flavored coffee, I’d offer them their coffee flavored with any of the Italian syrups we had on the bar. Faced with more than a dozen choices – from hazelnut to coconut to raspberry and more (also in sugar-free) – it was just too much for them. They just wanted their coffee (dammit) and they wanted it now. No decisions, no debate. Just shut up and pour… please.

To make it easy on their brains, still numb from lack of java, I started suggesting my favorite drink – a caramel latte. And very soon, caramel lattes became our best seller.

So in your own business, what’s your caramel latte?

All those bottles of flavors on the back of the bar at your local coffeeshop remind me of what services you can do for your clients. Sure you can do them all, but you’d you sell more if you pick one that you push most. What flavor are you? What do you like to do most, that you know your clients will need and enjoy once they sample a taste of its brilliance? It’s a tough one, but it’s critical when it comes to your marketing messages.

What do you do really well that you “push” when it comes to your marketing? Offer too much and it confuses the audience. Offer one thing as your best – your specialty – and you clarify the message. Clarity means better marketing. And easier sales for you!

Be clear on who you are. Be authentic as you bring your message to your market.
And go ahead and order a caramel latte sometime. I know you’re going to love it!


2 Comments on “What flavor is your marketing?”

  1. Chris Brown says:

    What a great point. It’s not really entry level pricing, but it’s the “front door” concept. How do you get the customer to engage. It’s tough to look at the entire menu when you’re a beginner. The entire menu gets much more interesting after you’ve been a customer for a while.
    Thanks for keeping me on my toes. Less is more sometimes, isn’t it?
    Chris Brown

  2. pattirenner says:

    Chris, thanks for your comment! Yes, it is about a “front door” concept, but it’s also about knowing who you are and what you really, really do best. They say that genius is little more than a passionate focus. So focusing on your passion in your marketing messages may seem like common sense, but to actually do it is brilliant. Mixed messages end up muddying the marketing mix (try saying that five times fast!). Clarity is key. And as tempting as it is to promote everything you offer, sometimes it’s best to pick one and create a unique tagline or approach to push it to your specific niche that needs it… but that’s another article for later!

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