Do Ideas Come Quicker with Some Liquor?

 In today’s Ad Age, there’s an article about how the wet bar is making a comeback in the offices of some big-name agencies. <AD AGE ARTICLE> What’s old is new again.

Back in the day when I was the editor in chief of an upstart business-to-business magazine, I had a fantastic publisher who had the cadence of Murphy Brown. When it was time to really wrap our brains around a new marketing approach, the meetings were set for 5:30 PM, her office, “bring empty mug and ice.”

Soon after 5, the halls would begin to clear. And at 5:31, the meeting would start with her announcing that the book is doing great, and “the Skyy is blue!”

This was code for the bright blue bottle of vodka about to come forth from her lower desk drawer.

She poured. We’d sip. And great ideas began to flow.

Perhaps “thinking outside the box” can get some help from “drinking what’s inside the bottle.”

I’m not saying that you should go get all liqueured up before your next session of slinging slogans. But sometimes a little “social lubricant” can help. Sometimes getting juiced helps those creative juices flow.

Now, I don’t want to have a bunch of comments from people who are MADD or upset about my condoning the use of alcohol in the workplace. We know already. Consider it a tool for creativity.

When you want better results from your next brainstorming session, perhaps a little cocktail may be just the ticket. (Just be sure not to get drunk or you won’t be able to read your notes!) And be smart about it.

So when you’re stuck on the branding or wording of your current project, maybe it’s worth a shot.


2 Comments on “Do Ideas Come Quicker with Some Liquor?”

  1. Ivana Taylor says:

    OH HONEY — 🙂

    Does this post bring back memories. Why do you think they called it “CASE” study in college?!!! That’s because we would all run down to the college bar in the basement (the Rathskeller at PSU) and order a case of Rolling Rock beer and get on with the work to be done. In fact 1/3 of all Rolling Rock beer is consumed in State College, PA (at least that was the prevailing myth I was told).

    Seriously – whenever I see something really outrageous – I think to myself “What were these people on that day?” But the point stands true – you have to realx your mind and let loose to get those great ideas past the brain filter.

    Thanks for taking the risk!!!

  2. “…maybe it’s worth a shot”? 🙂

    Nice pun!

    Great post though. In my how-to ask for money seminar, I recommend teams go to a pub to brainstorm objections and come up with answers.


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