Connecting the Dots

 New taglines and slogans often reflect a shift in a company’s marketing. Sometimes it can be a change in the company’s service focus entirely. Sure, the words can say whatever you want them to say. You can make claims out the wazoo, but you need to go back in and connect the dots internally for your external promotions to work best for you.

Here’s an example. Glass and window business uses the catchy line “We fix your panes.” But their service is inconsistent, and their technicians are gruff – to they’re actually a real pain to deal with. Disconnect. Bad for business.

Catering business uses the slogan “Because Good Just Isn’t Good Enough.” But their fare tastes like cream of mushroom soup is the base for every sauce, and their foil-pan presentation is far from ideal. In fact, “good” would be an upgrade for them! Disconnect. Bad for business.

When you’re ready to update to a fresh slogan for your business, be sure it reflects the true nature of what you do. And be sure its message is exemplified throughout every aspect of your operations – including every employee and every customer interaction.

Sometimes words simply aren’t enough. And today’s clients are cynical and savvy enough to know when you’re less than authentic. Be sure your marketing message resonates throughout your business actions. Anything else is an opportunity lost.


2 Comments on “Connecting the Dots”

  1. corematters says:

    Great post, Patti! Haven’t we all experienced this disconnect? It’s so disappointing…and of course, we’ll never go back to that merchant.
    Too bad more vendors don’t walk the talk–and more!

  2. pattirenner says:

    Thanks! Speaking of making a connection, your blog is right on target with your values as a small business. Great stuff!

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