When is a Campaign not a Campaign?

Go to fullsize image Earlier this year, I was given a wonderful opportunity to create a slogan and branding identity for a capital campaign for an educational non-profit. The challenge was that we couldn’t use the word “campaign” or “appeal.” 

Now, for those of you who have been around the block before when it comes to development and institutional advancement (aka “fundraising by asking”), you know that almost every campaign calls it like it is… a campaign!

But not this time.

The leadership didn’t want to use those words because they didn’t want this particular effort to be confused with annual fundraising appeals that go on every year. This was different. It was a chance to make a real difference with the proper approach.

You see, thanks to several million-dollar-plus gifts, the non-profit was in a position to keep the ball rolling and to seek out other large donations from its constituents – those who may be inspired by the generosity of the few.

The word we used is “Momentum.”

Sure, it’s all about “keeping the drive alive,” to quote the cliche. It’s finding the right expression to open people to the idea of giving, instead of boring them with a “been there, done that” message.  

Words to encourage action – what good fundraising writing is all about.


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