Five Tips to a Great Domain Name

Some say that all the good ones are taken.

Finding the perfect domain name to represent your business online can feel like searching for the perfect mate. You fall in love with a name or concept, only to find its been “cheating” on you with a different company – already committed to serving someone else’s brand. 

Just as there a lot of “fish in the sea,” domain names and variations abound! Don’t lose heart. You simply have to be creative and open to some alternatives.

Maybe you’re tempted to change your business name so you can get a domain name that matches. Hold on a minute! Let’s look at some phrasing options before you turn your existing branding on its ear.

Let’s say your business name is Ray’s Pizza. And there are lots of other businesses that go by a similar name. Online, you find that “” is taken. Here are some ideas for alternatives that work, that still support your online brand.

1. Add a Hyphen.  Adding a hyphen between each word in your domain phrase can open it up to more online possibilities. “” It also can make it easier for people to read your business name through its dot-com phrase.

2. Add Words that Make Sense.Adding a simple word or two to a base phrase already taken can also open up availability. It also can help you stand out so you don’t get mixed in with the others similar to you. For instance, a pizza shop might use its location, “RaysPizzaOnFifth,” or a description, “OriginalRaysPizza” or “RaysPizzaOnline” to stand out.

3. Use a Command.Part of marketing is getting your base to do what you want them to do. Why not incorporate that in your domain name! Invite them to use you! “GoToRaysPizza,” “ChooseRaysPizza,” “HungryForRaysPizza” are a few variations. I’m sure you can come up with a few for your own industry.

4. Drop the Business Name. Sometimes a clear, simple phrase with a keyword can be even better than using your real business name – especially if the name of your business is tough to spell or to remember. “Ray’s” is easy enough, but what about “DiGiacomo’s Pizza”? Instead of frustrating people trying to find you online who can’t quite get your name right, try restating it all together. “EatMorePizza,” “HotFreshPizza,” “PizzaMadeFresh” could all work really well.

5. Add Your Location or Territory.Some businesses only serve a certain corner of the world. If you want to focus on being the one to call for people in your region or town, you can also add that to your domain name to help you stand out. “PizzaForSoho,” or “RaysPizzaCleveland” – your site visitors will know they’re at the right site. The same goes for other industries… “OfficeCleaningDallas” … “NursingCareInBoise”… “ChicagoBusinessMarketing” … you get the picture.

Those are just five tips to get you started. If you have more to add, just leave a comment to share! 

Your domain name search doesn’t have to end in heartbreak. Taking a slightly different approach can even help you stand out in the minds of your audience. Just be sure to be clear, be true, and make it easy for folks to find you without having to spend much time figuring it out. All it takes is the right words.