Playing with Heartstrings

 This morning as I was slinging slogans for a client, I went through my sheets of ideas to list out the ones they might like best.

After a few hours of brainstorming, all kinds of thoughts had splashed down on the page. But from dozens of ideas, only a handful were strong enough to pass along for consideration.

So what made the difference? Why did some wording ideas seem stronger than others?

For this project, it was all about heart. The project involved the marketing of a fundraiser campaign. To motivate their specific audience into action, the message had to make a direct, emotional appeal in a sophisticated way. It had to tug at their heart – showing the donor that they can directly benefit in some way by making contribution, without stating it directly. It requires subtlety – that also packs a wallop!

In today’s economy, giving the talking points about your wonderful organization isn’t enough. The break-through messages are the ones that give the the donor (or client) a reason to feel great about giving (or doing business with you). It really doesn’t matter that you’ve been serving your community since 1962. What really matters for your message is how their donation can make a difference – making them feel good about themselves in some way.

Touching their hearts can open their wallets. Playing their heartstrings is key.